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We Specialise In

  • Domain Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Design
  • IT Support
  • Software Testing
  • Database Management
  • Application Development

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Kemp House
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Green Consult Limited offers consultancy in all aspects of ICT. Consultancy ranges from mainstream technologies such as databases, websites and back-office IT, through to specialist areas of mathematical modelling, web service choreography, SECURITY and semantic web technologies.

Consultancy Areas

Web APPLICATION design and development especially web services, content management technologies, CRM and the semantic web. Desktop application design, development and testing especially using Microsoft technologies.

Legacy data management, migration and integration. OCC has specific expertise in Local Government with data sitting across multiple departments (e.g. health, social services and housing).

Mathematical modelling such as thermal modelling in non-steady state conditions for power companies, economic modelling of budget and revenue streams with uncertainty about future events and prices, statistical management of tremor monitoring data in medical APPLICATIONS.

Selections of COTS approaches versus bespoke solutions. In particular, OCC will often advise clients on using COTS APPLICATIONS in early feasibility studies and pilot applications.

Sector specific consultancy in central government (with experience of CLG contracts); local government (in particular social services and housing sectors); utility companies (in particular the energy sector); health sector (in non-NHS Trust organisations such as the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence and the Health Development Agency).

IT Recovery - how to keep your business going when your IT support fails. Over the twenty years OCC has been in business a few companies have came to us because their IT SUPPORT has collapsed. This has been due to critical staff becoming unavailable or out-sourced suppliers pulling out. We can say in every case we have got our clients up and running and kept them as clients in the long run.

The above consultancy is supported by our management services. Our consultants plan and manage multi-team APPLICATION development, deployment and commissioning working with your in-house IT team and end-users.